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Treatment of Information

This policy applies to electronic transactions involving business units with Yves Chantre. Where
practices diverge from these guidelines, the relevant department or other unit should inform
customers of the nature and extent of the differences.

YvesChantre.com, the web site covered by this policy may request personal information from you in
order to complete a transaction, for example, your name, phone number(s), physical address, shipping
address (if different), email address, credit card number and expiration date. Other
information may be collected at individual points of sale. Typically, your information will be used only
to execute the immediate transaction, and will be provided to other parties only as necessary to
complete your transaction. In circumstances where this information will be used for a different
purpose, we will provide you with the ability to prevent this additional use of your data. Yves Chantre
will not provide any of your personal information to third parties without your permission and we will
not sell any personal information to third parties for purposes of marketing, advertising or promotion.

Use of Cookies

YvesChantre.com may use cookies. Cookies are small snippets of data passed from a web site to your
PC as you are browsing the web that can be transferred back to the original site or domain with
future requests from your browser. This process eases your web interactions, maintaining the
notion of a continuous session between multiple visits to a particular site.

Cookies can be used in a variety of ways, including ways that have privacy implications (such as
tracking your previous activities at a particular site), but they do not represent any inherent threat
to your computer system. For example, cookies are used to help authenticate your transaction and
web sites covered by this policy can use them to carry your personal preferences and addressing
information (if you have previously provided it).

Most browsers allow you to choose not to accept cookies. Choosing not to accept all cookies may
prevent some online services from working or may make the use of some services inconvenient.
For example, not accepting cookies may result in having to re-authenticate more frequently. When
you are finished browsing and exit the browser program, cookies without an expiration date
will be thrown away. Cookies with future expiration dates are stored to disk and will be
available the next time the browser is opened for use.

Caution on Links to Other Sites

This web site occasionally link to external web sites. YvesChantre.com does not monitor or control these
third party web sites and YvesChantre.com Privacy Guidelines and Security Procedures do
not extend to these sites. We advise you to review the individual privacy policies of the respective sites.

Implication of Consent

By conducting electronic commerce transactions on our web site, you consent to YvesChantre.com use
and collection of the information you provide for the purposes of the transaction and other specified uses.
If we decide to change our privacy guidelines, we will post the changes on this page or other privacy statement
pages so that you are aware of what information we collect,
how it will be used and with whom the information will be shared. By continuing to use our sites after a change
is posted, you agree to the applicable version of these guidelines. Please refer to this policy before making
a transaction or sharing personal information. To correct any inaccuracies in information
provided to us, please send an email message to the address referenced on this web site.

Thank you,

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